Monday, February 1, 2010

Bath and Body Works is All American!

Yesterday's adventure with "Olive Press Soap" had me frantically looking at my "Bath and Body Works" labels on my body wash and splash. I was incredibly worried that I may have to give up the lovely scent and feel of BBW. 

I looked on the label, everything looked like it was in order and Made U.S.A. But to be sure, I sent an email to the product manager. This was her response.

Dear Cristina,

We are eager to assist you with your concerns regarding the
manufacturing location of our products.

All Bath & Body Works Brand products with the stamp "Specially made for
Bath & Body Works 97 West Main Street New Albany, Ohio 43054 USA" are
made in the United States. Products not containing this statement are
not made in the United States.

For further information on specific products that do not contain this
statement or that are made by a third party, please reply to this email
with the product name and fragrance.

Thank you for your interest in We hope you enjoy
our products and look forward to serving you in the future.


Linda C. Customer Service


I am totally impressed with how quickly they emailed me, but more relieved that I don't have to give up that fabulous product. Let's face it. So far, U.S.A. Made bath soaps are far superior than any other in the world. I know...because I smell FABULOUS today!

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